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Welcome to Purple Alien - a showcase of creative work! Please take the time to navigate through the About and Samples sections to learn more about Purple Alien or to view our portfolio.

Always happy to discuss and elaborate on the work with you, including those who may be looking for some help with their next creative project. Hope to be talking with you soon!

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Latest News

Learn one aspect of the ways some brands and visual identities are created. This video describes the basics of one direction into visual identities. For more info and specific ideas on your identity project contact us. Enjoy.

Get to know Bill Murphy the man behind Purple Alien. See the updated resume page with a PDF Interactive "Your Back" Promo Resume Infographic. Download the resume, and see a slide show version. Also view all the making of.  Enjoy the behind the scenes. How it was all put together.

I have a new site for more information about me, outside everything I am doing through Purple Alien. You will get some overlap, but this is the place to find links to everything I am involved in! If you want to know about Bill Murphy this is the place to stay informed.

Designed the creative for a azalea body and bath delights. Skin care products.  Check out this new product packaging and azalea visual identity launch in my samples section.

New Purple Alien t-shirt and fashion designs are always being added to Have a look around, place an order, or contact me if you'd like to discuss a custom design.


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